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Check your pantry, you may have high levels of arsenic in your apple juice. Dr. Oz has sparked a nationwide whirlwind of controversy regarding arsenic found in apple juice and according to his research in three different cities in the United States, some of the most popular brands of apple juice contain harmful levels of arsenic and are also shipped from countries that do not regulate the levels of arsenic brought into the states. This has parents and physicians in an uproar because of the devastating effects that this carcinogen can have on adults and children especially.

The damages of arsenic in apple juice can range from cancerous cells regeneration (a side effect catalyzed by the liver), skin blotches on the body, nervous system damage, cognitive impairment (lower IQ scores), and increased risk of illness early in life. It typically is sprayed as pesticides on apples and other fruits in countries where it is grown, then compressed into the juice to make the concentrate and shipped out and into the states. From there, the brands separate the concentrate, package it and send to the stores which end up in your pantry or refrigerator.

Dr. Oz has went as far as to reaching out to these brands, the FDA and other juice manufacturing companies but has seen little support for his study. He suggests we educate ourselves on this research, the effects and how to prevent it from affecting our families.

EPA has an arsenic limit in the states at an amount of 10 parts per billion, but that’s only a regulated limit for water. Four of those brands of apple juice contained arsenic over the limit allowed in drinking water.

  1. Apple and Eve – 11 parts per billion
  2. Motts – 16 parts per billion
  3. Juicy Juice – 22 parts per billionĀ (no way!)
  4. Gerber – 36 parts per billion

To prevent overexposure to arsenic in apple juice, Dr. Oz suggests looking for “organic apple juice” that’s labeled on the side and/or bottom of the box “Concentrate From The USA”. It’s highly probable that if the apple juice says another country, it could contain high levels of arsenic.

You can find out more research results, responses from juice companies, EPA standards and a statement from the FDA at his site here.

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