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TMZ recently uncovered that the former NBA star, Steve Francis is being accused of sexual assault.

According to police reports, the athlete allegedly “groped” a 20-year-old woman, Shauna Simien, through her clothing in Texas last year. She immediately went to the police.

But this woman was no stranger to Francis.

She told the celebrity news outlet that she was a singer was signed to Francis’ record label the day of the incident. Simien met with him in his office to supposedly discuss her contract.

She claims the groping took place while the two were talking. He allegedly grabbed between her legs. According to the victim, she screamed out for him to stop. Her friends heard the cry out for help and rushed in to break things up.

The complaint was filed a year ago and nothing has happened since then. In fact, Simien is so frustrated that she’s considering filing a lawsuit against the Houston District Attorney’s office.

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One thought on “Former NBA Star Steve Francis Accused Of Sexual Assault

  1. When will people learn never set yourself up for failure, both parties should have had another person in the room such as lawyers for both parties to discuss the contract.

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