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Among U.S. adults who go online, 13% use Twitter — and more than half (54%) of these people access the popular social media service with their mobile phone, according to new research from the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

The report also revealed some interesting details about the demographics of Twitter users. For instance, 25% of adult African-Americans who use the Internet are on Twitter, as are 19% of Hispanic Americans, compared with only 9% of whites.

Where you live also may affect whether you’re on Twitter: About 15% of both urban and suburban U.S. adult Internet users are on Twitter, vs. only 7% of rural dwellers.

Twitter is slightly more popular with men than women, and most popular with Internet users ages 18 to 29. Income is not an especially significant indicator of whether someone is likely to use Twitter, but education is: 16% of college-educated adult Internet users are on Twitter, vs. only 8% of those who stopped school after graduating high school.

“Mobile Twitter” can mean several different things, since Twitter exploits nearly every available mobile communication channel.

Via: CNN.com

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