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This is a mess, to say the least.  According to Pulse of Radio:

In an interview with Mara the Hip-Hop SocialiteR&B Divas: LA star Lil Mo opened up about Kelly Price‘s recent drama on the show. Co- star Dawn Robinson recently claimed that editing made Kelly look bad on the show, but Mo seems to differ. She explained, “Not to say that she didn’t tell the truth, but she didn’t tell the whole truth. She’s actually more confrontational in real life. They had to edit it down because it was like too much. It was so many different scenes. It was uncalled for.” She added, “If they showed you all of the footage, you would be like, ‘Wow, they kept the nicer parts.’ I would pull Fred to the side and ask if he was okay. She jumped in that man’s face and that was unacceptable.”

Here’s a video of Kelly and Dawn doing the “Not Ya Mamalouges”.


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